Wildlife Sanctuaries near Udaipur

When visiting a city like Udaipur, don’t miss out the different wildlife sanctuaries it has to offer. There are many sanctuaries in the area and people of every age group would just love to visit them. These sanctuaries give you a chance to get to see different species and types of animals and birds. Children would love to visit places like these.

Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in Udaipur

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries near Udaipur
A leopard roaming at the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary

This sanctuary is very famous in Udaipur and attracts a number of visitors every year. Falling under the Rajsamand district, this sanctuary can offer you different types of animals. The area of the sanctuary is quite huge covering a distance of about 578 sq. km. The fort of Kumbhalgarh is also present in the premises of this sanctuary and hence the sanctuary has derived its name from the fort only. The sanctuary covers areas of Udaipur as well as Pali district. A great feature of this sanctuary is that it provides shelter to some of the endangered species of animals. Here you can easily find species of jackal, leopards, chinkara and others like hyena, jackal and hare and many others.

You can easily find wolves moving here and there in the sanctuary. If you have more interest is in birds, then you can see a variety of birds also here. Some of the species of birds you can find here are red spur owls, dove, kingfisher and many others. Apart from the fauna, you can also find flora in the sanctuary.

Location – 65 kms from Udaipur
Area – 578 sq. km
How to reach – Reaching to the sanctuary via bus or taxi

Sajjangarh Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries near Udaipur
View of Sajjagarh Sanctuary during heavy rainfall

This sanctuary is close to the city of Udaipur and if you are residing in the city or have come here for visiting, then this is a must visit place. The wildlife sanctuary also surrounds the area of Sajjangarh palace. If you go to the palace, then you can have a beautiful view of the lakes present in the area. Here you can see animals like deer, blue bull, chital, reptiles, birds, jackal and a lot more animals.

Presently the area of the sanctuary is fenced as well as the walls have been extended. These fences will now protect the area of the sanctuary. Nearby to the wildlife sanctuary, there is a lake present by the name of Jiyan Sagar, this is an artificial lake.

Location – 5kms from Udaipur
How to reach – By car from Udaipur

Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries near Udaipur

Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary is located close to the city of Udaipur and one can witness beautiful species of birds like wood shrike, black drongo, shikra juvenile, common hock cuckoo and many others. This sanctuary is a place for a majority of the migratory birds. You can also spot crocodiles here and a dense forest which is present in the vicinity of the sanctuary. The forest is home to cheetahs, leopards as well as wild boars.

Location – 40 kms from Udaipur city
Area – 62 sq. km
How to reach – Go via your private car or hire a cab
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