Udaipur Municipal Corporation

Udaipur Municpal Corporation

The annual budget 2013-2014 for Rajasthan presented in the Legislative Assembly declared that Udaipur City Council was converted to the Udaipur Municipal Corporation. People and other social groups welcomed this declaration and celebrated it by distributing sweets and carrying fireworks because they are very happy for being fulfilled the long awaited decision. Every person who belongs to Udaipur City has the right to know the revolution the change would bring after having the status of Municipal Corporation. People should know how the developments would take place and what the other facilities are introduced by having such a remarkable change.

Important responsibilities of Udaipur Municipal Corporation

Rural Development

The sphere of the Municipal Corporation includes several adjacent villages. Earlier the administration and development were taken care by the Gram Panchayats. But now it would be executed under the powers of Municipal Corporation. As many new wards would be formed as a result of establishment of Municipal Corporation, people get chance to become Councillor for their ward. In short, villages would prosper and flourish in the limelight of MC.

City's Development

As a result of formation of Udaipur Municipal Corporation, many new big projects were started that would certainly bring development to the city on a larger scale. More projects and more developments will lead to new employment opportunities to the residents of Udaipur City and adjoining villages.

Improve the Administration

The administrative Framework also would be revived. The Chairman, who would become Mayor of the city, has improved administrative, decisive and financial powers. A C.E.O of gazette officer rank would be appointed and under whom two Commissioners are also appointed instead of ne Commissioner. Other emoluments of the Corporation’s employees such as the pay structure would also be revised that would bring cheers on their faces too.

Improvise Education Parameters

New universities and colleges are attracted and inspired by the fast and improved development of Udaipur City and they open new branches here. It would give the students a great opportunity for higher studies and employment openings for the residents. It will certainly lead to the strengthening of the economy and enlarge the size of the city on a larger spectrum.

Municipal Corporation has more financial freedom compared to the City Council and it would lead to better development and growth of the City. Projects lying held due to lack of fund would revive and run to touch the finishing point after formation of Municipal Corporation.
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