Udaipur in One Day

Udaipur in the Rajasthan state of India can be considered as one of the suitable places for a one day trip because of the unique features of the city. The city is rich with several historic monuments and lakes. The major tourist attractions in the city like City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandhir, Fateh Sagar Lake, Monsoon Palace, and Gulab Bagh are situated at the center of the city. It is easy to reach each of these spots from one spot during a one day trip. The travel agencies and tourism board also provide all the amenities to the travel enthusiasts to have an unforgettable holiday in Udaipur.

Place to visit in Udaipur One Day Tour

A list of some of the abundant and wonderful tourist attractions in Udaipur is compiled below:

Lake Pichola

Udaipur in One Day

The lake Pichola is the most popular lake in the lake city. This is an artificial fresh water lake, named after the nearby village Picholi. The lake located at the heart of the lake city among the historical monuments was erected by the Mewar clan and attracts a large no. of visitors every year. The lake constructed in the year of 1362 AD, by Pichhu Banjara still remains beautiful. A clear view of the palace complexes and mountains in Udaipur is available from the Lake Pichola. Mohan Mandir, Arsi Vilas, Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir are the four beautiful islands located in the Pichola Lake. The lake also acts as a sanctuary to the birds like tufted ducks, cormorants, egrets, terns, and kingfishers found in large in this region.

Jag Mandir

The Jag Mandir palace located in the middle of the beautiful Pichola Lake is a marvelous structure built between the 16th and 17th century by the Sisodia Rajput rulers. The palace surrounded by water on its all the sides was named after Maharana Jagat Singh 1, who was the ruler of Mewar when the construction was completed. The Jag Mandir, where the royal ceremonies were conducted usually is also famous in the name "Lake Garden Palace" among the people of Udaipur. The palace can be seen close during the boat ride in the Pichola lake.

City Palace

One Day Trip in Udaipur

The City Palace is another historical monument stands on the banks of the popular Pichola Lake. This palace was the administrative nerve center of the Sisodia Rajput clan. After having some time in the Pichola Lake, it would be interesting to watch this palace, where the history of Mewar kingdom sleeps. City Palace built in the year of 1559 AD by Maharana Udai Singh is an attractive combination of several palaces. This palace is also famous as the largest structure built in the state of Rajasthan, in the flamboyant style of construction. People love to watch the city of Udaipur from the balconies of the City Palace.

Fateh Sagar Lake

The Fateh Sagar Lake is a very popular lake in the lake city of India, Udaipur. The lake is situated at the north of the famous Pichola Lake and can be reached by having a journey of less than ten minutes by road from Pichola. This artificial lake built by the Maharanas of Mewar in the 17th century is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Udaipur presently. The Nehru Park, one of the public parks in the city is located on an island in the Fateh Sagar Lake. Rowing in the lake for some minutes can take the tourists to the island on which the Nehru Park is situated. Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO) located on another island in the lake can also be seen while rowing in the lake.

The Monsoon Palace

Udaipur One Day Tour

The monsoon palace, previously known in the name Sajjan Garh is one of the beautiful palaces owned by the Mewar kings in Udaipur. This elegant palace is located just a few kilometers away from the Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake. The view of the Pichola Lake from the Monsoon Palace, located at the top of a hill will be a remarkable experience while having a one day trip in the city of lakes. This palace was used by the royal family of Rajputs during the season of monsoon. The view of the monsoon clouds from the Monsoon Palace located at a high distance from the sea level is a popular sight attracts tourists to Udaipur.

Gulab Bagh

Gulab Bagh, a beautiful garden located in the center of Udaipur city would be the best place to wind up a one day pleasure trip to the city of lakes. The Gulab Bagh garden hosting wide varieties of roses, a small zoo, and numerous plants is located near to the lake Pichola and just 2 kilometers away from the railway station. This garden built in the 19th century, by the Maharana of Mewar, Sajjan Singh is the perfect location to have some time together with friends and family, after having a short visit in the lakes and palaces in the city of Udaipur.
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