South Indian Restaurants in Udaipur

The magnanimous delicacy and taste in South Indian dishes gets inseparably interlinked with the richness associated with traditional Mewar cuisines when it comes to talking about the availability of South Indian food in Udaipur. Being a vibrant centre of tourism in India, catering to throngs of tourists throughout the calendar year, the administrators of Udaipur tourism have ensured that the city is punctuated with interesting tourist destinations. Variety is a must – for not all tourists have the same tastes and preferences. And it is while dealing with this variety in Udaipur tourism that one is inclined to talk about the surprising presence of exquisite South Indian food in the City of Lakes. In this article we shall take a look at some of the most preferred destinations for South Indian food in Udaipur. 

South Indian Restaurants in Udaipur

South Indian Food Joints in Udaipur

Sankalp South Indian Restaurant

Perhaps, there is hardly anything special that we need to invent about the Sankalp chain of restaurants which holds the prestigious Guinness Book of World Record for being the manufacturer of the world’s largest dosa. The Sankalp South Indian Restaurant in the Udiapol region of Udaipur is one of the most frequented South Indian restaurants in the city mainly because of its strategic location – Udiapol is always bustling with tourists who are either making their way into Udaipur or leaving it after having an enjoyable experience there.

This South Indian food joint in Udaipur is famous for serving some of the most delicious South Indian dishes found in North India. Among the entire gamut of delicacies, the Mysore Masala Dosa stands out as a specialty of this restaurant. The average pries of food available here is close to Rs 100 per person. The pleasant ambiance and spacious dining rooms add to the beauty of this place. So, if you are anywhere near Udiapol, do not forget to take a quick bite of the excellent South Indian food at Sankalp!

Address – Main Road, Udiapol, Udaipur

Saffire Udaipur

This is one of the best known restaurants for South Indian dishes in Udaipur, located in the populous Bapu Bazar Area of Surajpol. Even though it is a multi cuisine restaurant, the overwhelming majority of the tourist crowd that this restaurant attracts is by virtue of the exquisite quality of South Indian food that it serves. The unique differences between the Kerela and Tamil Nadu ways of preparation are efficiently maintained here, giving the customers a wide array of eating options to choose from. The price ranges are highly reasonable and can be as low as Rs 80 per person on a given day. The seating arrangements are perfectly managed to complement the customers’ delightful dining experience. The best South Indian dish available here is the Dosa.

Address – Surajpol, Udaipur

Purohit Café Udaipur

Located in the immensely popular Anand Plaza of Udaipur, Purohit Café was one of the first food joints to start the culture of preparing South Indian food in this Rajasthan city. Even though Purohit Café is famous for all types of South Indian preparations, much of its traditional fame rests on the heavenly taste of its specialty dish – Cheese Sandwich Uttapam. The food prices are amazingly low (you can taste something utterly delicious even at a rate of Rs 65 per person here!) and manageable for most of the visitors, thereby making this food joint one of the most sought after destinations for South Indian food in Udaipur. The Anand Plaza parking space offers sufficient space for visitors to park their vehicles before enjoying a typically delicious South Indian meal at this restaurant in Udaipur.

Address – At Anand Plaza

Chef’s Venue Udaipur

Besides Purohit Café, Anand Plaza in Udaipur is also home to another famous South Indian restaurant - Chef’s Venue. This restaurant too is among one of the older food joints in city and is currently famous for producing some of the best varieties of South Indian food, alongside a number of other Indian dishes. The Masala Dosa with dry fruits constitutes the chief specialty of this grand old restaurant and lends it an air of superiority over its competitors. As with most other South Indian restaurants in Udaipur, Chef’s Venue too is known for excellent food at highly reasonable prices. A number of friendly staff members are present to make the tourists’ experience of dining at Chef’s Venue as memorable as possible. 

Address –
At Anand Plaza

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