Shiv Niwas Palace

Udaipur is known as “Lake City” of Rajasthan and it is a very popular tourist destination among honeymooners and family vacationers. Udaipur houses the famous Lake Pichola and several mesmerizing palaces. Udaipur serves as the perfect combination of contemporary sensibilities and old-world charm. There are several references and titles that have been given to the city such as “Most Romantic City of India”, “Venice of the East and “Kashmir of Rajasthan”.  Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur is one such palace located in the city of Udaipur that adds to the charm, the beauty and the ecstasy of the city of Udaipur.

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

History of Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur is situated on the bank of Lake Pichola and this palace served as the former residence of Maharana of Udaipur in Rajasthan. The Shiv Niwas Palace is found on the southern side of the City Palace and it is also a part of the palace complex. Maharana Sajjan Shambhu Singh began the construction of this palace in the 18th century and its construction was completed in the beginning of the 20th century by Maharana Fateh Singh, his successor. The palace was constructed in the form of a royal guesthouse and during the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh, the palace hosted VIP visits and royal gatherings from throughout the world and these royal visits also included Edward the Prince of Wales and George V of the United Kingdom in the year 1905.

When Bhagwat Singh became the Maharana of Mewar in the year 1955, he felt that it was very difficult for him and for royal family of Mewar to manage the maintenance cost of so many royal residences owned by them and particularly the city palace. it is only because of this reason, that Lake Palace was transformed into a luxury hotel for income generation and at the same time Bhagwat Singh also decided to transform the small Fateh Prakash palace and  Shiv Niwas Palace into luxury hotels. It took four years for the Maharana to carry out the restoration work of the Shiv Niwas Palace and the palace was open for the general public serving as a heritage hotel in 1982.

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur as a Luxury Hotel

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur is a palace that is crescent-shaped and the construction of the palace was completed in the 20th century during the power of Maharana Fateh Singh in Udaipur. Since its inception in the 20th century, the place has been maintained meticulously and the beauty of the palace has been preserved for the royal guests and for the people who visit Udaipur. Previously the palace was exclusively reserved for guests of the Mewar House and visiting dignitaries but at present the palace has been transformed into a heritage hotel for all types of guests, assimilating the charm of the 20th century and the modern amenities of the 21st century.  

The palace contains three levels that have been arranged in the form of an arc that is semicircular surrounded by an in-house courtyard which possesses marble pool in the center. The rooms of the palace open up to rooftop terraces and balconies and they serves as great sights of the beautiful gardens that have been laid beneath the walls of the dam on Lake Pichola. Island resorts namely Lake Palace and Jag Mandir lie towards the west of the Shiv Niwas Palace. Architectural style of the ancient Rajputs has been used in the construction of the palace. Pearl and ivory inlay work, frescoes and mosaics are found in the interiors of the palace and these designs have been created by Kundan Lal and Khaja Ustadh who were sent to England by the Maharana so that they could get the knowledge of creating designs in glass mosaic and could study the art of creating fresco painting.

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur
A suite at Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

The guests who visit Shiv Niwas Palace make it a point to visit it again and again because of the hospitable staff and also because of the beauty of the palace. it is the distinct character and the feature of the Shiv Niwas Palace that play a great role in contributing towards the success of all the major events that are organized at the palace. The different events that are organised at the place also benefit from the exceptional combination of luxury, personalized service, impressive architecture, finest cuisine and history.

Since the time the palace has been converted into a heritage hotel, it has been successful is playing hospitable host to King of Nepal, Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy and Shah of Iran. The hotel is under the supervision of the HRH Group of Hotels and is owned by the present Maharana of Udaipur.

Accommodation at the Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

The suites and the room at the Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur are very spacious and at the same time they possess period furniture, amazing décor, king size bed and facilities of all kinds. The palace contained nine suites when it was first constructed and all the nine suites were located in the ground floor of the palace. When the conversion work of the palace was carried out, a second story was added to the palace and this story contained eight extra apartments.

Thus, the hotel at present comprises of 36 rooms for its visitors and royal guests that include:
  • 19 deluxe rooms
  • 8 terrace rooms
  • 6 royal suites
  • 3 imperial suites
Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur renders beautiful yet unique rooms and suites that can be chosen by the visitors. The rooms and the suites at the hotel carry original portraits and furniture that were used by the royal family of Mewar for generations. All the suites available at this palace overlook the natural beauty of Udaipur. All the rooms are characterized by spaciousness and unparalleled splendor.

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

Dining Facility at Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

The dining facility available at the hotel wholly complements the comfortable feel that is offered with its accommodation. The hotel consists of a number of bars and restaurants that offer dining services to the visitors at the hotel.

Some of the restaurants located within the palace have been detailed below:

Paantya is multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Continental, Mughali and Rajasthani delicacies and cuisine. The walls of this restaurant are found adorned with paintings belonging to Mewar School. The interiors possess latticework and antique chandeliers. This restaurant remains open for all the three meals and at the same time it renders a very beautiful sight of Udaipur city.

The Pool Deck: The Pool Deck serves as the perfect place that can be chosen for enjoying light snacks during daytime and quixotic candlelight dinner during night when the entre setting is accompanied with light music that is played in the backdrop. People can enjoy the beauty that remains sprinkled around while they enjoy their meals beside the pool.

Panera: Panera is an amazing bar that is very well-stocked and it excels in serving very fine international and national drinks that are branded. People can always enjoy their drinks with some kind of a unique snack that is served at this bar. The décor of this bar is quite authentic which includes huge chandeliers, inlay work of glass and ornate mirrors.

Palki Khana: Palki Khana is basically a café in European style and it is located at the famous Manek Chowk. This café serves as the best place for relaxation and comfort in a surrounding that is quite informal. The café offers fine varieties of beverages and refreshments assimilated with Light Show and Mewar Sound.

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

Other Facilities available at the Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur

  • Conference and banking facilities
  • Parking
  • Squash Courts
  • Laundry
  • Money Exchange facility
  • Television
  • Travel services
  • Classical Music and Palace Band in evenings
  • Cold and hot water
  • Television
  • Beauty Parlor and Ayurvedic Spa
  • Doctor on Call
  • In-room dining
  • Billiards Room
  • Attached lavish bathrooms with required toiletries
  • Safety Lockers
  • Telephone with STD/ISD
  • Swimming Pool
  • Airport Transfers
  • Motor and Solar Boats on Lake
  • Limousines/Cars on hire
  • Library
  • Internet

Getting there

Shiv Niwas Palace Udaipur is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Udaipur airport and at a distance of 3 kilometers from Udaipur railway station and therefore it is very easy to reach the palace at any point of time.
Address: Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur- 313001, Rajasthan, India.

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