Places to Visit Near Udaipur

The city of Udaipur can be pointed out as one of the best tourist destinations in Rajasthan. There are a no. of heritage sites and locations with colorful views in Udaipur. Apart from that, one can visit so many attractive place situated near to the city during the trip to Udaipur. Here are some;

Mount Abu

Places to Visit near Udaipur

The Mount Abu hill station is a very popular tourist place, located in the Sirohi district in the Indian state Rajasthan. The place located in the Aravalli Range, near to the state border of Rajasthan and Gujarat, has wonderful rocky area of 9 km width and 22 km length. The location hosts a no. of beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lush green forests and group of big rocks. The Guru Shikhar peak, which has a height of 5,650 feet from the sea level, is the highest peak in this hill station. The Abu Road Railway station, located 27 km away is the nearest railway station to Mount Abu. The rich flora and cool climate in this hill station, located about 150 kilo meters away from the historic city Udaipur attract a large no. of tourists from different neighboring states.


Chittorgarh near Udaipur

The Chittorgarh is a city in the Rajasthan state in India. The city is also called in the name Chittor. The city is the headquarters of the Chittorgharh District in Rajasthan. This historic city built on the banks of Gambhiri and Berach rivers was the capital of the Sisodia kingdom of Mewar. Chittorgarh is also a land of several historical monuments. The Chittorgarh Fort is an important tourist attraction in this area. The rush of the tourists to experience the culture of the area into this city, located 122 km away from Udaipur is common during all the months of the year.

Dhebar Lake

Dhebar Lake has the second place in the list of Asia’s largest artificial lakes. The lake having an area of 87 square kilo meter is also famous in the name Jaisamand Lake in Rajasthan. It was the largest artificial lake in the world, when it was built in the 17th century by the Maharanas. The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary located just a short distance away from the lake is also an important factor attracting people to the location. The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary in the Parsad village near to the Dhebar Lake conserves 162 square kilometers of forest and the wild life. There are three islands in this lake and each of them has an area more than 10 acres. The lake has been also counted in the list of Heritage Monuments of India. The location lies within the boundaries of the Udaipur district and can be reached by travelling a comfortable distance from the district head quarters.


Ranakpur near Udaipur

Ranakpur is an inevitable location in the tourist map of Rajasthan. Beautifully carved Jain temples in Ranakpur is famous among the Jain communities all over India. The location is one of the major five holy places of Jain community in India. It is being believed that, these temples are constructed in the 15th century. Marbles of light colors are widely used for the construction of the main temple occupying an approximate area of 60 * 62 meters. About 1444 marble pillars used for the construction of the temple make it a beautiful symbol of the Jainism in India. All the 1444 marble pillars in the temple have different carvings on it. This four- face temple has so many architectural attractions. There are four small shrines in this temple.


It is a popular fort of the Mewar kingdom, situated in the Rajsamand District, in Rajasthan. The fort was built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. The great king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap was born in this fort. The fort was occupied by the Mewar till the 19th century. Now the fort is a tourist attraction in the area and kept embellished with electric lights in the evenings. The fort is standing on the top of a hill, 1100 meters above the sea level. The Kumbhalgarh fort is the most famous fort in the Rajasthan state after the Chittaurgarh fort. The fort can be easily accessed from Udaipur, by road. It will take around 2 hours to reach the location from the city of Udaipur.



Ghanerao near Udaipur

Ghanerao is a historical village situated close to the Kumbhalgarh fort and Ranakpur Jain temple. A journey, by road, from the city of Udaipur can reach Ghanerao in three hours. It is an important location in the tourism map of Rajasthan. The Hindu and Jain temples situated in this location are famous and being visited by the devotees and tourists every day. Ghanerao Royal Castle is a well known heritage site in the location.
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