Markets in Udaipur

Udaipur is a mystical place with so many mysteries surrounding the ancient city of the Rajputs. Forts, palaces, lakes, monuments, memorials, gardens; there’s simply no end to adventure in Udaipur city for a tourist. Dubbed as the City of Lakes or Venice of the East, Udaipur is a fascinating piece of oasis amongst the dry climate of Rajasthan. During night, the city illuminates like several gemstones scattered across the landscape of the entire city with the Aravalli Hills in the backdrop. Udaipur is famous for its street markets even though swanky malls have come up in this ancient city making it a cosmopolitan one. Roadside stalls with their paraphernalia in vibrant shades and hues add a special thrill to the shopping experience.

Markets in Udaipur
view of a typical street market in Udaipur

There are several markets in Udaipur located across the city and they are considered a tourist’s paradise selling clothes, artifacts, handicrafts, jewellery, paintings, furniture, rugs and carpets, colourful slippers, beads and what not; the list is endless. In short, everything under the sun is available in the by-lanes and narrow streets of Udaipur’s markets. The price of items and collectibles is quite affordable and bargaining is an easy option here. Let’s take a sneak peak of the markets of Udaipur city.

Lake Palace Road Udaipur

Lake Palace Road market is a great place for a tourist to begin the shopping extravaganza offering assorted and array of goods from traditional artifacts and wooden handicrafts, batik sarees, handmade papers, brass items, metal furniture and souvenirs, marble statues and sculptures, colourful apparels and fabrics, silver jewellery, famous Pichwai paintings of Rajasthan, carpets. The stock is amazing, the shopkeepers are lively and always smiling and it is an ideal shopping hub with reasonable price tags.

Street Market Udaipur
Traditional dresses in Udaipur's market

Hathi Bazar Market Udaipur

Adjacent to City Palace in Udaipur is the famous Hathi Pol or Hathi Bazar market. The market which remains open from 9:30 am in the morning till 5:30 pm in the evening sells Pichwai and Phad paintings of Rajasthan in small sizes depicting the life of Lord Krishna. Also renowned for delicious sweetmeats and delectable items, and colourful slippers or nagra made from camel skin with beautiful decorations and authentic souvenirs handcrafted from wood are sold at Hathi Pol bazar. A visit is strongly recommended to this market for a tourist.

Bada Bazar Udaipur

Clustered closely near City Palace and well known as Bada Bazar in Udaipur sells bandhni apparels and fabric, tie and dye fabrics, items like bag, slippers and other goods made from leather of camel, silver and costume jewellery. The big showrooms along with roadside stalls makes the place quite happening and alive with both options for buying items at fixed price and reasonable rates by bargaining.

Bapu Bazar Udaipur

For necessity items, Bapu Bazar in Udaipur is the apt place to shop and all kinds of household items from crockery, ready made garments, regular household stuffs, food items and everyday required collectibles are sold here at this market in showrooms and roadside stalls.

Babu Bazar Udaipur

Chetak Circle Udaipur

Located at Brahmapuri, Chetak Circle in Udaipur is a brilliant destination to shop for conventional Rajasthani handicrafts from the roadside stalls and the Rajasthan Emporium known as Rajasthali. From colourful puppets to traditional wooden handicrafts, wall hangings tie and dye fabrics and hand printed apparels, ethnic silver jewellery, turbans, Pichwai paintings of Rajasthan made from paper, ivory, wood and silk are all available at Chetak Circle Udaipur.

Rajasthali is the emporium run by Rajasthan state government selling authentic handicrafts made by artisans and local craftsmen of Udaipur and they are sold at affordable rates which are directly transferred to the artisans. Located at Chetak Circle in Udaipur, Rajasthali also has other showrooms in all major Indian cities. The emporium sells all souvenir and collectible items of Rajasthan like tie and dye and bandhni fabrics, jewellery, wooden puppets and wall hangings, brass items and many more authentic handicrafts to choose from.

On a visit to Udaipur in Rajasthan, a tour of all the shopping destinations mentioned above, Hathi Pol, Chetak Circle, Bapu Bazar, Lake Palace Market is strongly recommended.
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