Lake Palace Udaipur

Lake Palace Udaipur which was formerly called Jag Niwas is a very luxury hotel consisting of 83 suites and rooms that feature walls made of white marble. The Lake Palace Udaipur is located on a foundation that is quite natural and is spread over an area of 4 acres on an island in Lake Pichola. The hotel also operates speed boat that is used for transporting guests from the hotel at City Palace. The hotel has been awarded the title of being the most dreamy and romantic hotel throughout India and also all over the world.


Lake Palace Udaipur was constructed in between 1743 and 1746 under the supervision of Maharana Jagat Singh II who was the sixty second ruler of the Mewar dynasty. The palace served as the summer residence for the royal family of Mewar and it was initially popular as Jan Niwas or Jag Niwas, named after Maharana Jagat Singh, its founder.

On visiting the palace it can be noted that the palace faces the east so that the inhabitants of the palace could pray to the sun God Surya at dawn. Several rulers of the Mewar dynasty used this palace as their summer residence and they also held their durbars in the courtyard of the palace that is lined with pillared terraces, gardens, fountains and columns.

The circular shape of the upper room of the Lake Palace Udaipur is simply perfect and it has a diameter that measures 21 feet. The floor of the palace is beautifully inlaid with white and black marbles, the walls are found to be decorated and ornamented with arabesques and niches of domes in several colors and this is something that offers an exquisite charm and beauty to the palace.

During the Indian Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, many European families left Nimache and they fled towards the island on Lake Pichola which they used as a refuge. This island was offered to the European families by Maharana Swaroop Singh who also destroyed all the boats of the town so that he could defend his guests by not allowing the rebels to reach the islet.

The Lake Palace Udaipur was found to be completely ruined and damaged during the 19th century and this has also been proved by the writings of several foreign tourists who visited the palace in the 19th century. The palace got ruined basically because of weather and also because of time. Geoffrey Kendal, a theatre personality who visited the palace in 1950 described it as a palace that was completely deserted and its stillness broken by the humming of mosquitoes.

It was Bhagat Singh who decided to transform Jag Niwas into the first luxury hotel of Udaipur. The designer consultant for this hotel was Didi Contractor who was an artist from America and an insight into the responsibility and life of the new Maharana was provided through Didi’s accounts. He brings forth the experience that he had working for Maharana Bhagat Singh from 1961 to 1969. He says that the Maharana was a true monarch like all other kings of the Mewar dynasty. He also says that while working for the Maharana it felt as if he was working in renaissance court. He felt as if he went back in time and in a different era altogether.

When Maharana Bhagat Singh took over the throne after Maharana Bhopal Singh, he had only twelve elephants left apart from the other properties that were deteriorating. Jag Niwas and the buildings within the Niwas had already started to fall and this is the reason why the Maharana made up his mind of transforming Jag Niwas into a luxury hotel. This was the only practical way that would help in maintaining the palace and in conserving its beauty.

Taj Hotels Resorts and palaces overtook the management procedure of Lake Palace Udaipur in the year 1971 and it was this groups that added 75 extra rooms in the palace. Jamshyd D.F. Lam belonging to the Taj Group was the chief person who managed and controlled the restoration work of the palace. He made some amazing changes to the palace with his sheer experience and work and at the same time he also served as the first general manager of the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur. The palace was restored the second time in the year 2000. The royal butlers who work at the hotel are the descendants of the retainers of the original palace.


Some Finer Points about Lake Palace Udaipur

Lake Palace Udaipur is considered to rank among the most idealistic places on earth. The palace which is located amidst the picturesque environment of Lake Pichola renders a heavenly sight to its visitors. The background of the Lake Palace is simply amazing with the Aravali Range on one of its sides and the splendid palaces on the either side of the palace. The entire palace is made by the use of white marble and it creates an impression that is dreamy and romantic. The palace was used as a summer residence by many rulers of the Mewar dynasty. The exteriors of the palace are amazing and they have the ability to make an individual crave to have a look of the interiors. The interior of the place is also perfect and it is very beautifully making a person feel like he has entered seventh heaven.

The architecture of the Lake Palace Udaipur is simply splendid and it sends shivers down the spine. There are a large number of courtyards within the Lake Palace that possess numerous terraces, columns, wonderful fountains and gardens that are very well laid. Lake Palace Udaipur also consists of several rooms that have special names like Khush Mahal, Bada Mahal, Phool Mahal, Dhola Mahal and Ajjan Niwas. All these rooms add great beauty to the graceful palace. The rooms are quite exotic and they are found to be decked with paintings, carved arches, work of stained glass, crystal work and inland stones that have designs of green and pink lotus.


Suites and Rooms at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

There are 17 suites and 66 rooms at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur and each of the suites and the rooms render a splendid view of the city, the lake, the Aravali Range, the neighbouring island and even the Jag Niwas. The rooms and the suites are also intricately decorated so that the guests can be enveloped in royal mystique. The different room types available at the palace are Luxury Rooms, Palace Rooms, Royal Suite, Grand Royal Suite and Grand Presidential Suite. All the different rooms in the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur consists of several guest amenities like private bars, international direct dial, hair dryer, data port facility, wireless internet and color television.

Luxury Rooms: The luxury rooms available at the hotel render sumptuous comfort and at the same time they also offer a décor that is princely inspired. Some of the luxury rooms provide stunning sights of Lily Pond and even Lake Pichola.

Palace Rooms: The palace rooms in the hotel carry design that represents befitting royalty and they also render opulent comfort. There are guest amenities in these rooms and the lake view from these rooms is also very amazing.

Royal Spa Suite: The color palace or popularly known as the Rang Mahal is adorned with colorful embellishments. The Rang Mahal is situated in the oldest interiors of lake Palace and it is suite that is charmingly set consisting of two levels. One level of the suite is the treatment room or the massage room possessing a private Jacuzzi and the other room is lovely bedded. The Jagmandir Palace and Lake Pichola are scenically visible from this suite.

Royal Suites: The royal suites that are available in Taj Lake Palace Udaipur are all graced with impeccable interiors, glass windows and traditional décor. These suites not only offer all the guest amenities but at the same time they also consist of sit outs that offer amazing views of Aravali Range and Lake Pichola.

Grand Royal Suites: The grand royal suites possess mouldings that are deeply carved, high ceilings, miniature paintings and ornate glasswork that transfer the guests into the world of Rajasthani magnificence. There are many grand royal suites in this hotel that offer some unique features like bathrooms that are marble clad, rainforest showers, glass windows with switch-lite, Jacuzzi tubs, crystal chandeliers, vistas and artwork.

Shambhu Prakash Suite: The Shambhu Prakash Suite is furnished in opulent and impressive strokes and at the same time it is graced with grandeur, curved arches and a touch that is quite European. This suite also possesses an adjacent balcony that renders a panoramic sight of the hills and the lake.


Bar and Restaurant at the Taj Lake Palace UdaipurThere are a number of restaurants and bars at the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur and they have been enumerated below:

Neel Kamal: Neel Kamal is a restaurant for fine dining that overlooks Lily Pond and it bears a splendid décor that is reminiscent of the royal halls for banquets that existed in the past. Crystal and elegant crockery complement the arches that are gilt embellished and rich upholstery at the hotel. This is a restaurant that serves a number of Rajasthani delicacies and some Indian favorite foods.

Jharokha: This is a restaurant that is quite informal and it provides dining for the entire day. This restaurant offers a splendid sight of Lake Pichola and even the City Palace.

Amrit Sagar: The Amrit Sagar- Sea of Nectar is a bar within the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur and this bar is very popular because of its huge collection of spirits, vintage wines, sheeshas and cigars. The outdoor and the indoor ambiance of the bar is quite refreshing and it also renders a relaxing charm that attracts the guests to spend some time at the bar.

The Taj Lake Palace Udaipur possesses royal butlers who have the ability of creating a magical dining experience wherever desired, be it a sit down dinner, or a dinner within the luxurious suite, a dinner on the terrace or in the courtyard.

Other facilities at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Apart from the guest amenities that have been discussed above, there are some other important facilities that are also offered to the guests at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur and they are as follows:
  • Laptop and computers on hire
  • Color copier
  • Mobile phones on hire
  • Car hire
  • Babysitting
  • Doctor-on-call
  • Currency exchange
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services
  • Heritage Champagne Walks
  • Florist
  • Special meal with location choice
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Taj spa
  • Vintage cars for city tours and airport transfer
  • Sightseeing and shopping excursions
  • Theme event
  • Meditation and Yoga classes

Events at Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace Udaipur has played great host to poets, royalties, guests and writers and it still remains to be a event space that is incomparable with any other place throughout the world. The restoration of the palace has rendered the palace its immaculate glory and the Taj Group of Hotels and Palaces proudly proffer a continuation of grand traditions and royal legacy in hosting parties, official functions and gatherings. The guests at the hotel are offered a very unique and traditional welcome with fleet of camels and elephants in royal attire and this is done to counterpart the magnificence and the splendor of the Lake Palace.

Jiva Spa at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

The Jiva Spa located within the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur is a medium that embraces the deep understanding of spirit, mind and body and at the same time their interdependences and individual requirements. The spa experiences that are offered to the guests at Lake Palace Hotel are through the indulgence of trained and expert spa staff that use natural products amidst a harmonious and fresh setting.

Contact Details

When planning a trip to this wonderful abode, one can book in advance by contacting the palace as this would help one to visit the palace peacefully even during peak seasons.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, P.O. Box: 5, Lake Pichola, Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan, India.
Udaipur airport is just 27 kilometers away from the lake Palace Udaipur while Udaipur railway station lies at a distance of 4 kilometers from the palace. One can also reach the palace by bus and the bus stand is located only 3 kilometers away from the palace.
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