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Kanore Udaipur
Historical Heritage at Kanore

Kanore, a beautiful town located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan, is also known as 'Shiksha Nagri' or 'Kanakpuri'. Kanore has an historical importance as it was a thikana before freedom of India.

Kanore has an average elevation of 1538 feet (468 meter). As of 2001 India 2001 census, Kanore had a population of around 12000 among which, males constitute 54% of population and females constitute 46% of population. People of Kanor believe in literacy, so the literacy rate for Kanore is higher than the national literacy rate which is 59.5%.

There are two myths about nomenclature of 'Kanore' town. First myth is as : There was a lady monk "Kani Meeni", who was getting divine powers by doing "tapasya" in old time, and on the name oh this holy lady, town was named as "Kanore". Second myth is as: As large number of followers of Krishna (Kanha) were living in this town, it is named as "Kanore". In local language, Kanore is described in following words: "Pan Parvliya Nipje, Chaku ve Bajod, Kamal Khile, Khokha Vane, Ya Sursari Kanore".

Shiksha Nagri Kanor

Kanore is situated at the southern region of Rajasthan at border of tribal caste majority area. So, this area was less educated in the past. But, with the continuing efforts of Mewad malaviya Pt Udai Jain, this area has surpassed the literacy rate of nation. Mewad Malaviya Pt Udai Jain established 'Jawahar Vidyapeeth' with the inspiration of Shri Jawaharacharya. With the fast growth of education quality in Jawahar Vidyapeeth, it becomes an educational center in Southern Rajasthan. Also, in this small town, education from bal mandir to B.Ed is available from a long time. Therefore, Kanore is also known as 'Shiksha Nagri'.

Jawahar Vidyapeeth School and College gives lot of IAS, RAS, Doctors, engineers, artists and many more. They all are serving humanity in India or abroad. Today in Kanore mainly three educational institutes are giving their services to produce good knowledge base for students. Every year students of Kanore are coming in top merit list of state board. Famous personalities like pt. udai jain, lal Nandawat, Rishabh Bhanawat of Archi Group, Abhishek Bhanawat (Merchant Navy in UK) and many more are from Kanore.

Religious Culture of Kanore

Kanore has the significant place in jain history. In Jain history, it is known as 'Kanakpuri'. Jainacharya Ganeshacharya and Naneshacharya spent 'varshavas' in Kanore. The miraculous Adeshwar Ji Temple is locater merely 3km from Kanore. This temple is a well known temple, devoted to First Tirthankar Shri Rushabhdev. Kanore has the highest number of Jain family in Rajasthan after Udaipur. Besides Jain, people of different community stay here with peace, love and harmony. Here, all festivals are celebrated by all communities. In Month of May, people of Kanore celebrate Ravan Mela, which is biggest festival in Kanore, at Kamal wala Talab.

Tourist Places in Kanore

Many beautiful temples and palaces are picnic place for the people of Kanore.

Kanore Palace

Kanore palace is situated in the middle of Kanore. Kanore place is the royal residence of Maharaja Sarangdev and his family. The palace is built beautifully in the art and design of Rajputana (former name of rajasthan).

Keleshwar Mahadev

Keleshwar Mahadev is a picnic spot situated on the river bank of Gomti River. At this place Old Temple of Shiv situated. This Temple is very well worshiped by tribal caste.

Bhabhuka Mahadev

Bahbhuka Mahadev is a peaceful old Temple of Lord shiv located in the natural environment.

Kundia ka Dam

Kundia Ka Dam is a dam near Kanore. This dam is major source of drinking water for Kanore town. In the rainy season, when this dam overflows, ir turns out to be a beautiful site for nature lover.

Kamal Wala Talab

Kamal wala Talab (Pond) is a pond near Kanore. In old times this is Known for its Kamal (rose) flower. This pond was a major source for bathing and cloth washing in old times. Nowadays persons who liking swimming and pond bathing, goes there for enjoying.

Transporation in Kanore

Kanore is well connected with rest of the district- Udaipur. Kanore has direct buses for Udaipur, Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Indore. Also, it is located at less than 50 nautical miles from nearby airports of Udaipur, Nimach and Ondwa.
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