Jain Temples in Udaipur

Today Udaipur is home to some 32 Jain temples. Amongst all of them two temples are considered as holiest shrines by Jain community and hence are thronged by thousands of Jain devotees on daily basis. These are Ranakpur Temple and Rishabhdeo Temple. These two sacred Jain temples in Udaipur are equally architecturally marvelous and thus are as much top tourist destinations as religious destinations.

Given below is a brief description of these two immensely sacred and famous Jain temples of Udaipur city.

Ranakpur Temple

Ranakpur Temple

Dedicated to first Jain Teerthkar 'Lord Adinath', the famous Ranakpur temple is located nearly 95 kms in the north of Udaipur city in the Ranakpur village. This famous temple is not just one of the holiest shrines for Jain devotees, but is also one of the most beautiful Jain temples of India. Its magnanimous & huge structure spread across an area of 48000 sq. ft is set in the midst of lush greenery of Aravali hills. The temple’s total height of 102 ft and the fact that its structure rests on 1444 pillars also indicates how huge and big this temple is. This temple’s larger than life size and its scenic setting surely makes up for a delightful sight. This temple is in fact often included amongst best sightseeing destinations in entire Rajasthan state.

One of its prominent architectural features, that surely deserves to be mentioned, is that among all its 1444 pillars no two pillars are same. Each pillar is completely distinct from other and is indeed testimony of the craftsmanship and painstaking hard work of the artisans. This immensely sacred and beautiful temple was constructed during 15th century by King Rana Kumbha with the help of financial aid from local Jain businessman. Although this temple is very far away from Udaipur city, but there are regular daily bus services for Udaipur to Ranakpur village that facilities transportation of devotees and tourists.

Rishabhdeo Temple

Rishabdeo Temple Udaipur

Located at approximate distance of 65 kms in the south of Udaipur in a small town of Dhulev, Rishabhdeo temple is one of the four holy Jain pilgrimages in entire India. It is dedicated to Lord Rishabh De (also known as Lord Adinath), the first Trithankar of Jain religion. The temple is architecturally marvelous in every sense. It is adorned with 52 spires (pyramid towers) which are absolutely delight to watch and a sight that is surely worth capturing in the camera.

Equally delight to watch is the main deity of Lord Rishabhdeo which is 3.5 feet tall idol carved out of a single piece of black stone and sits in classic padmasana posture. There are many other decorative embellishments and small idols besides this main idol, further enhancing the aesthetic value of the main idol. The Vaishnavi sect from Hinduism religion also holds this temple in high esteem, as Lord Rishabh De is considered as one of the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple, with all its religious & architectural virtues, is surely amongst most visited Jain temples of the world.
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