Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Jagdish Temple in UdaipurThe famous Jagdish Temple in Udaipur is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is today popularly known as Jagdish Ji temple, but in the past was commonly referred as Jagannath Rai temple. The temple’s astonishing fame is mainly attributed to the fact that it is the largest temple of Udaipur and also to its strategic location in the famous City Palace complex of Udaipur city.

The construction of this humongous temple was completed way back in the year 1651 A.D. Maharana Jagat Singh, ruler of Udaipur during 1628-53, had initiated the construction of this huge temple and had spent fortunes of money to construct this temple. It is believed that for constructing this temple Maharana Jagat Singh had spent 1.5 million rupees, which was a huge amount during those days. With Maharana Jagat Singh not leaving any stone unturned, this temple was destined to be one of the architecturally distinct and beautiful temples of Udaipur city. And indeed, after completion, this temple turned out to be one of the architectural marvels in the history of Udaipur city.   

One of the marvelous things about this architecturally beautiful temple is that it is the only famous temple of Udaipur that has been raised on a huge terrace platform, which can be reached by climbing 32 steps. Being perched on atop terrace invariably lends a very dominating feel to this temple, which only adds to the grandeur of this already humongous 3 storied temple. The temple will equally overwhelm you with its beautiful sculptures and carvings that are adorned on all the pillars and outer walls of this temple.

The carvings and sculptures here are certainly extraordinarily beautiful and will surely make anyone proud of India’s rich architectural heritage. And of course the idol of main deity Lord Vishnu represented with four arms and carved out of single black stone will equally soothe devotee’s eyes and heart. However, before reaching the idol of Lord Vishnu one will come across wonderful bronze sculpture of Garuda, which is actually sculpture of half man and half eagle and is another prominent feature of this temple. Lastly, another highlight of this temple that surely can’t be overlooked by anyone is the main spiral (tower) of this temple, which is 79 feet high and literally dominates the sky of Udaipur city.

Over all, Jagdish ji temple is one of the spiritual and religious high points of Udaipur city and without a doubt one of the best tourist attractions of the city. Besides the religious sanctity of the temple, its humongous structure and thousands of cravings and sculptures will literally behold your heart. This immensely famous temple is located in the very heart of the Udaipur city and hence reaching here won't be a problem at all. Auto rickshaws and tourist taxis from any part of Udaipur city are readily available for commuting services to Jagdish ji temple. Besides, there are many guest houses and budget hotels in the vicinity of Jagdish ji temple that facilitate the accommodation services for visiting devotees.
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