Flights from Udaipur

Flights from Udaipur

Enough praises showered on Udaipur; ‘City of Lakes’ seem to be less compared to the aura generated by the city in the hearts of tourists who have visited the city and those who are yet to visit. The sightseeing spots are innumerable in and around Udaipur, also known as the white city due to several palaces made from white marble stone, forts, architectural edifices, memorials, gardens and of course its vibrant street markets a visit to which is mandatory. The city comes alive in the evening when city lights illuminate the horizon making it look like a valley full of glittering gemstones on the foothills of Aravalli Mountains. However, plan the itinerary in advance in order to avoid tourist rush.

Udaipur can be accessed by air, rail and road as well from all major cities in India. There are connecting flights available from cities across India to Udaipur. Here’s the complete list.

Flights from Udaipur to Major Cities

Udaipur has a small airport located on the southern fringes of the city, barely 22 kilometres from the centre and is situated at Dabok. Udaipur’s airport is christened Maharana Pratap Airport with almost full connectivity of flights to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Bhavnagar, Goa and Jaipur. Several flight or national carriers fly on these routes daily and the cost may vary from reasonable to pricey depending on the booking schedule and availability of tickets. Major carriers like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, JetKonnect and Spicejet fly in to and from Udaipur. Indian Airlines connects passengers from Udaipur to Delhi and Mumbai. Jet Airways connects passengers from Udaipur to Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur and Mumbai.

Flights from Udaipur to Delhi

There are 4 daily flights operating from Udaipur to Delhi namely Jet Airways, Spicejet and Air India. The journey undertaken will require around 1 hour and 18 minutes. Jet Airways flights depart from Udaipur at 7:40am and reach Delhi at 9:15am. The following flights leave Udaipur at 11:35am, 12:40pm and 4:45 pm. The respective flights reach Delhi at 12:45pm, 1:50pm and 5:55pm. There are two flights of Jet Airways which fly from Udaipur to Delhi on Tuesdays only. Air India’s flight departs from Udaipur at 3:35pm and reaches Delhi at 4:50pm daily. Spicejet operates two daily flights from 9:50am and arrives in Delhi at 11:20am and the second flight departs from Udaipur on all days except Monday at 8:00pm and arrives in Delhi at 9:30pm. These are non -stop and connecting flights on this route as well.

Jet Air - Flight No - 9W - 708
Spicejet - Flight No - SG - 2447, SG 2436
Jet Konnect - Flight - 9W-2628, S2-3935, S2-3628
Air India - Flight No - AI-472

Flights from Udaipur to Mumbai

Air India and JetKonnect operates flights from Udaipur to Mumbai, both non-stop and connecting flights.  Air India operates two daily flights on this route, at 12:10pm and 15:05pm. JetKonnect fleet operates a range of flights to Udaipur from 7:15am and 7:35am in the morning to an evening flight departing at 8:15pm.

Jet Konnect - Flight No - S2-3094, S2-3074, 9W-2094, 9W-2074
Air India - Flight No - AI-471

Flights from Udaipur to Jaipur

There are connecting via one stop flights from Udaipur to Jaipur. Air India, JetKonnect, Jet Air operate flights on this route. Jet Air and Jet Konnect operates flights to Udaipur via one stop at New Delhi to Jaipur at 4:45pm. Air India operates too on this route departing at 3:35pm but reaches Jaipur with duration of 20 hours.

Jet Air - Flight No-9W-708,9W-725, 9W-418
Jet Konnect - Flight No -9W-2249, S2-4055, S2-3074, 9W-2074, 9W-7186, 9W-2628, 9W-2621, S2-3628, S2-3261, S2-3094, S2-4055, S2-3249, 9W-2249
Air India- Flight No- AA-471, AI-472, AI-612

Flights from Udaipur to Goa

Air India and JetKonnect operates connecting flights from Udaipur to Jaipur via Mumbai at Delhi. Spicejet operates flights departing at 9:50am, JetKonnect departs at 9:05pm, and Air India departs at 4:10pm. But these flights usually take 7-10 hours or maybe more to reach Goa.

Air India - Flight No - AI-471, AI-661, AI-659, AI-865, AI-661, AI-984
JetKonnect - Flight No - S2-3074, S2-3384, S2-4016, 9W-2384, 9W-2074, 9W-7009, S2-4375, 9W-7027, S2-3094

Regular Fare of Flights to Udaipur

Udaipur to Jaipur - Air India - Rs.9157
Udaipur to Jaipur - JetKonnect - Rs.9640
Udaipur to Jaipur - Jet Airways - Rs.9094
Udaipur to Goa - Air India - Rs.9524
Udaipur to Goa - Jet Konnect - Rs.9745
Udaipur to Delhi - Jet Air - Rs.4785
Udaipur to Delhi - Jet Konnect - Rs.4523
Udaipur to Delhi - Air India - Rs.4586
Udaipur to Delhi - Spicejet - Rs.4522
Udaipur to Mumbai-JetKonnect-Rs.5316
Udaipur-Mumbai-Air India-Rs.5788
Udaipur to Mumbai-Spicejet-Rs.5263
Udaipur to Kolkata- Air India-Rs.7709
Udaipur to Kolkata- JetKonnect-Rs.12,630
Udaipur to Pune-Jet Airways-Rs.11,088
Udaipur to Pune-Air India-Rs.10,500
Udaipur to Hyderabad- JetKonnect- Rs.9062
Udaipur to Hyderabad- Air India-Rs.8223
Udaipur to Chennai-JetKonnect-Rs.11,581
Udaipur to Chennai-Air India-Rs.11,445
Udaipur to Chennai-Spicejet-Rs.10,721
Udaipur to Bangalore-Air India-Rs.10,164
Udaipur to Bangalore-Spicejet-Rs.9671
Udaipur to Bangalore-JetKonnect-Rs.9640

Given above are the details of all the flights which are scheduled from Udaipur and their departure timings from Udaipur and the duration regarding travelling from Udaipur to major cities.

International Flights from Udaipur

Udaipur to Dubai
Air India- Flight No-AI-472, AI-995
Departure -15:35
Jet Airways-9W-708,9W-548
Emirates- Flight No-EK-515
Departure -16:45
Kuwait Airways-Flight No-KU-382
Departure: 11:00

Udaipur to USA
Virgin Atlantic- Flight No- VS-355
Air India- A1-471
American Airlines- AA-6140
British Airways- BA-138, BA-117
United Airlines- UA-49

Udaipur to UK
Air India- AI-471, AI-131
Jet Airways- 9W-2074, 9W-120
Swiss Air- LX-155, LX-316
British Airways- BA-138
Delta Airlines-DL-49
Virgin Atlantic-Flight-VS-355

Kindly note all international flights from Udaipur have to be availed via a stopover at Delhi’s T3 Airport.
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