Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple Udaipur

Eklingji temple is a huge temple complex located in Eklingji town, 22 kms in north of Udaipur city (on National Highway No.8). With whopping 108 temples located inside this huge complex, it is indeed like a big spiritual & devotional world in itself. It is undeniably one of the biggest temple complexes in entire India, let alone only in Rajasthan state. And this very lone important fact makes this place so much worth visiting. But besides vast expansive size and huge number of temples, the temple complex itself is very beautiful and deeply rooted in India’s rich history. 

At the heart and main attraction of this huge temple complex is the huge Eklingji temple itself, from which this huge temple complex and town gets its name. Eklingji temple is dedicated to Lord Eklingji, considered as one of the reincarnations of Lord Shiva. Eklingji deity was the main deity of the Mewar rulers and for generations Mewar’s dynastic rulers prayed this deity for prosperity and security of their kingdom. Mewar rulers also ensured that temple of its main deity is architectural beautiful and grand. Its architectural beauty is especially visible through its pyramidal style of roof and distinctly carved towers.

Even the idol of Lord Eklingji with its four faces and beautifully carved out from black marble looks very peculiar and distinctly beautiful. There is also of course a Shiv Lingam which is clad with beautifully carved snake in a sliver color that invariably attracts attention of visiting devotees. The vicinity of Eklingji’s deity is also dotted with idols of Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikay, representing the entire family of Lord Shiva. On a whole, the entire vicinity surrounding Lord Eklingji’s idol looks very wonderful and pleasing. This immensely beautiful temple was built during 15th century on the ruins of depilated temple constructed during 734 A.D. So, in a sense this main temple is 1,400 years old, invariably making it one of the oldest surviving temples of India.

Other Main Attractions of Eklingji Temple Complex

With 108 temples located inside this temple complex, there of course got to be many more attractions besides the main temple itself. And the most primary attraction amongst all other attractions here is Lakulish temple. Another architectural beautiful temple and only temple in entire India dedicated to Lakulish sect (one of the oldest sects of Shivism). Another prominent temple in this complex, which is thronged by huge devotees, is Nathon Ka Mandir – constructed way back in 10th century. Besides, two tanks namely Karz Kund and Tulsi Kund are also considered amongst main attractions here. And of course with over 100 temples dedicated to different Hindu gods located here, one can engage in hours of spiritual and devotional tour.

How to Reach Eklingji Temple

As mentioned earlier, Eklingji temple is located in Eklingji town, which is also known as Kailashpuri. Eklingji temple is located approximately 22 kms away from Udaipur and is directly connected only via road. By bus or private car, one can reach Eklingji in barely one hour. RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation) does ply its daily buses from Udaipur to Eklingji. Besides, hordes of private tour operators in Udaipur also ply their buses/cars to Eklingji.
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