Crystal Gallery

The crystal gallery is one the most luminous attractions for tourist showcasing the rare and precious crystal from the royal treasure. For more than hundred years, this crystal gallery remained underground because of its richness and beauty. But in 1994, the gallery became open for public.

Crystal Gallery

This gallery consists of magnificent Osler crystals. These crystals were ordered by Maharaja Sajjan Singh from F&C Osler Company, England in 1877. But, he could not live to see them because of his untimely death. These precious and beautyful Osler crystals are placed in City Palace, inside the Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel. The Crystal gallery is in the Darbar hall, which is renowned for hosting thousands of royal weddings, festivals, parties and meetings.

Crystal Gallery has been hailed as probably the single largest private collection of crystal anywhere in the world. The visitors here are privy to one of the most exclusive and exquisite crystal collections. The collection includes a bewildering number of objects d'art, dinner sets, perfume bottles, decanters, glasses, washing bowls and even furniture.

The Crystal Gallery also houses the only crystal bed in the world. There are also royal perfume and honey bottles, trays and cups, plates and champagne glasses, candle stands and coasters all made up of glass. Glance at the elegant sofa sets with hand rest and frames, a four-poster bed with rich hangings, tables, throne like chairs and table fountains artifacts among the bigger items chiseled out of glass mesmerizes oneself by its beauty and elegance. The collection has been customized for the House of Mewar; the Crest of Mewar being delicately etched on the crystal, adding yet another amazing facet.

The Royal Darbar Hall also displays the portraits of the former rulers of Udaipur like the legend Maharana Pratap and others.

Crystal gallery is also surrounded by the numerate small and big palaces, museums and gardens, that are rare in the world for its unmatched popularity like Dilkhus Mahal, which is known for the mosaic of peacocks and fabulous paintings work. Another place to visit around is Moti Mahal, beautified with the groovy mirror work. The Garden Palace esteemed for great charm of flora with twin water tanks. Chini Mahal also showcases the splendid ornamental tiles. Other important places are manek Mahal and Krishna Vilas. Both have a good-name in minute glass and mirror work and miniature paintings respectively.

The Audio Guide Service at Crystal Gallery narrates the history and anecdotes about how the present Custodian of the House of Mewar, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, conceptualised the Gallery; how the crystal was unpacked after it had been in crates for over half a century.
It is rattling to explore the flashes of light once you reach the crystal gallery of Fateh Prakash Palace.

9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Entry Fee:
Though entrance fee is high, but it is worth a visit to give your eyes breath-taking crystal collection made up of Quartz.
Rs.525 per Adult
Rs.315 per Child.
Inclusive of Audio guide service in English/ French, German / Spanish and Refreshments at Surya Darshan Bar/The Sunset Terrace.
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