Courts in Udaipur

Everybody in India and around the world know the fact that Udaipur is a major tourist destination, more romantic perhaps. To make the destination peaceful and to solve the problems of the society, there are various courts located in the district to find justice related with certain problems such as civil, criminal and other administrative matters according to the rule of law.

Courts in Udaipur

District Court of Udaipur

District Court Udaipur is a main court located in the district to look after the illegal issues and solve out the problems with the rule of law. There are total 42 judges in the court. A few names of the famous District Judges are Sh. Roshan Lal Mehta, Sh. R. C. S. Jhala (Current DJ), Sh. Diwan Chand Sharma, Sh. Sumer Nath Gurtu, Sh. Dharmendra Parihar, Sh. Indradutt paliwal, Sh. Sohan Nath Modi, Sh. Dharmendra Parihar, Sh. Mohd. Rafiq, Sh. Ravindra Nath Upadhya, Sh. Kishor Singh Lodha and Sh. Mahendra Bhushan Sharma.

District & Sessions Court Complex, Court Circle, Udaipur - 313001

Consumer Court Udaipur

Consumer Court is another type of court where lawyers and judges are ready to solve your problems related with products and services. Consumer court Udaipur is located in Court Premises, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001. In case your consumer rights are violated by a company or business or anyone, you must raise your case immediately in this court. The professional lawyers who fight for consumer rights are Advocate Praful Karanpuria, Advocate Ankur and Advocate P.S. Rathore. These lawyers have experience for over several years in facing such cases in the city of Udaipur and native regions. They are very professional in dealing with cases concerning consumer disputes and grievances.

Court Premises, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001

Family Court Udaipur

Like in other territories, Family Court Udaipur is there to work out matters related to family issues in accordance with family law. The functioning and processing for this particular court is very different from the above mentioned two courts. It is always better to discuss your issues or problems with an expert lawyer before you register a case in the court. Udaipur lawyers who are expert in the field of family case are Advocate Pramod Jain, Advocate P.S. Rathore and Advocate Ankur.
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