Churches in Udaipur

There are indeed few popular and beautiful churches in Udaipur, that being devotional place for local Christians are also as much tourist attractions. Some churches are in fact also wonderful for sightseeing and hence do draw considerable number of tourists on daily basis. And of course one can, irrespective of their religious identity, also seek spiritual solace under devotional shelter of these churches.

Given below is brief information on some of the beautiful and popular churches in Udaipur city.

Our Lady of Fatima Church

Churches in Udaipur

Unarguably one of the most popular and also the most visited church of Udaipur city. This is the only Catholic church of Udaipur city. But what makes it truly special is its beautiful architecture and surrounding lush garden. This church is surely a sight to watch. And the statue of Lady Fatima enshrined inside the church hall is as much pleasing and soothing. The hall of this church, that can easily accommodate 500 devotees, is also one of the biggest in entire Udaipur city.

Address: In front of St. Paul's School, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Shepherd Memorial Church

Shepherd Memorial Church

More popularly known as Church of North India today, this is the oldest church of Udaipur. Its construction was completed way back in year 1877. Since this Protestant church was constructed during British regime, it is today the only church of Udaipur that bears the influence of British style architecture. In fact the classic British style feeling to this church makes one feel very nostalgic and is also indeed very pleasing to eyes.

The church also has interesting local history. Its original name of Shepherd Memorial Church was named after local British doctor Dr. James Shepherd. Dr James Shepherd’s efficient medical practices helped him earn good reputation with Udaipur’s royal family, who in return granted this land to Dr. James Shepherd for constructing a church. Anyone with interest in architecture or historical monuments must surely visit this church.    

St Gregorios Orthodox Church

This church is a part of famous St Gregorios College in Udaipur. This is also one of the most visited churches of Udaipur, as there is significant population of Orthodox Church followers residing in Udaipur city. However, this isn’t a very popular church among visiting tourists, but nonetheless is one of the important churches of Udaipur city. This church can accommodate nearly 200 devotees.   
Address: St.Gregorios Orthodox Church Society, P.B.No.172, Kharakuan, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur , 313 001 (Rajasthan) India.

The Rajasthan Pentecostal Church

Protestant Church in Udaipur

This is another one of the popular Protestant churches of Udaipur city. It can easily accommodate 500 devotees and today is indeed one of the most visited churches of Udaipur city. Its construction was completed in 1989 and is merely 3 decades old. The church’s building is painted in pristine white color and overlooks a lush garden. This church does offer a wonderful sight.  
Other popular churches in Udaipur city: Believer’s church, St Andrews Church, Emmanuel Church, Sommer Ville Memorial Church, St Xavier’s Church, St Sebastian Church, Kalvari Bible Church, Filadelfia Fellow Ship Church of India and Pentecostali mission church.
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