Chetak Smarak

Chetak Smarak is a memorial built to Rana Pratap's renowned warhorse Chetak who died after helping the Maharana Pratap a marvelous escape from the Battle of Haldighati. The memorial is said to have been built at the spot that Chetak died. It is located at about 4 km from the temple town of Nathdwara in the lake district of Rajsamand in Rajasthan.

Chetak Smarak

The life-size staute made of bronze shows Mahanana Pratap mounted on his loyal horse Chetak. Along with this statue, this memorial owns a park, furnishing a fresh environment to the tourists and a museum. Maharana Pratap Memorial is situated at the top of Moti Margi or Pearl Hill.The memorial looks out over the Fateh Sagar Lake.  To maintain the tradition of the conservation and perpetuation of arts and cultural activities in Mewar, Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar built up this memorial. To construct this memorial, a public trust aids him.

The loyal horse of Maharana Pratap was known to be highly protective towards his master, having stood by him in major wars and even until his last breath. It was in the bloddy battle of Haldighati that Chetak breath his last. Today a lot of tourists visit this statue to remember the unmatched act of valour that Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak showed.

For the history loving people, this place is a complete treasure. For a normal person, there is nothing besides a statue and green surroundings, but for a history loving person, it means much more than just a statue, it means pride and honor. This memorial has an old museum dedicated to the Haldighati Battle.

This museum offers a great deal of information about Rana Pratap, a Rajput ruler of Mewar. Rana Pratap is considered to exemplify qualities like bravery and knightliness. Some interesting quotes about Chetak and Maharana Pratap makes this museum worth a visit. Some beautiful paintings on the Haldighati Battle, Chetak and Maharana Pratap from famous artists are also kept here.

For the contribution towards State of Mewar, the tribute to Bhama Shah and Bheelu Raja is also paid here along with Chetak and Maharana Pratap. Mughal and Rajput fight models and weapons kept in the museum, gives the electrifying experience in visiting this museum and this memorial.

Apart from the museum, for explaining the history of Maharana Pratap and his loyal steed Chetak, the management has also organized a light and sound show in a unique way. In the vicinity of this memorial, one may also find the ruins of Moti Mahal. Moti Mahal once housed Maharana Udai Singh, when he first came to live at Udaipur and also a delightful Japanese Rock Garden.

This outstanding statue has also been picturized for various Bollywood movies. For photographers, this is a great place to be envisioned. From the comfortable height of the hill, some of the best pictures of Udaipur city can be clicked.

The management is also coming up with a new museum nearer to the old museum.

Visiting Times:
Morning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Light And sound show timings:
Winter: 7:30 pm
Summer: 8:15 pm

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