Business and Economy of Udaipur

Though Udaipur may not be amongst the top cities in the country for setting up a business but it does offer good business opportunities. Many of its inhabitants and even those living in other parts of the country, especially the nearby areas of Rajasthan, have set up businesses in the city and are running them successfully. The trick is to understand the market well and bring in new ideas to beat your competitors.


However, establishing business in a small city like Udaipur is not that easy; you will be faced with several challenges such as locating resources, assembling a good business team, putting the latest technology in place and the likes. Udaipur houses almost all kinds of industries but it is essential to understand as to which business has a greater chance to boom in the city and which one wouldn’t be able to fetch enough profit.

Since Udaipur is visited by tourists from all across the globe the hospitality industry here can never see a low down. Hence investing in this industry means good business. But then again the city already boosts of a well established hospitality industry and thus you will have to offer a very good deal to win customers. The food industry and textile industry also provide good business opportunities. While many people based in Udaipur as well as other parts of Rajasthan are turning towards Udaipur to start a business, there are quite a few businesses that have already earned immense success here.

One such company that has made its presence felt in the city and is still growing strong is Pyrotech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1976 this company is known for manufacturing one of the best panels and control desks in India. It is an ISO 9001 certified company and has even won the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award.

Secure Meters Ltd. established in the year 1988 boosts of a similar success story. The organization is known for its Energy Metering Systems and Solutions, AMI, Electricity Metering, Remote Meter Reading (RMR) and various other similar products. Its team of professionals ensures high quality products and services. Advaiya is another successful name here, it is said to be the IT giant of Rajasthan. The company specializes in digital marketing, strategic consulting, training and evangelism, enterprise architecture, technical and marketing content and software components. It gained recognition after associating with Microsoft and then there was no looking back. Today, the company provides services to several organizations across the globe.

HRH Group of Hotels founded in 1963, Choksi Heraeus Pvt. Ltd established in the year 1952, Amkette Ltd set up in 1986, Wolkem India Ltd set up in 1972, Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 1976, PI Industries Ltd. founded in 1947 and Lipi Data Systems Ltd established in 1986 are a few other businesses in Udaipur that have done extremely well and have emerged as Global giants. These companies have proved that Udaipur does offer good opportunities to flourish a business if you are willing to put in hard work, dedication, use the latest techniques and innovative ideas. So if you are planning to start a business in Udaipur, go ahead and chase you dreams; the city does have a lot to offer.
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