Administration in Udaipur

District Administration in Udaipur

Udaipur, one of the famous heritage cities located at the western side of India, in the state of Rajasthan is also one of the developing cities in the state. The city has been declared as one of the few municipal corporations in the state of Rajasthan. The civic administration of the city is managed by the municipal corporation of Udaipur and Urban Improvement Trust (U.I.T.), while the district collectorate manages the administration of the rural areas of the Udaipur district. The primary concern in the activities of the municipal corporation of Udaipur is the best administration of the government departments and public services within the urban regions of the city of Udaipur. The district collectorate and Municipal Corporation of Udaipur execute the plans for the progression of the entire Udaipur district.

Udaipur District Administration

Collector of the district is the head of the general administrative system of the Udaipur district. There are three assistant collectors to assist the district collector in the administration of the Udaipur district. One of the three assistant collectors in the city holds the control of law and order in Udaipur district while the other two assistant collectors of Udaipur district are responsible for the institutional administration and developmental administration in Udaipur.

The district of Udaipur has been divided into eleven sub divisions. Girwa, Mavli, Vallabhnagar, Gogunda, Kotda, Jhadol, Salumber, Sarada, Rishabhdeo, Lasadia, and Kerwada are the eleven sub divisions of Udaipur. Sub divisional magistrate controls the administration of each of these sub divisions of Udaipur district. According to the census records, there are about 2500 villages in the Udaipur district which are managed by Gram Panchayats.

Administration of Urban Areas in Udaipur

Nagar Parishad and Urban Improvement Trust (U.I.T.) hold the responsibility of the administration and development of the Udaipur city.  The Nagar Parishad or the municipality of Udaipur is an urban local body, which monitors activities and enhances the development of the Udaipur city. The Urban Improvement Trust in Udaipur works associated to different departments in the district for the improvement of basic facilities and development of Udaipur.

Nagar Parishad Udaipur

Nagar Parishad in Udaipur is the municipality of Udaipur city and coordinates the activities for the progression of the facilities in the city and supervises the execution of different development plans suggested by the government for the city of lakes. The important interests of the Nagar Parishad, Udaipur are given below:

Wider Scale development of Udaipur city

The earlier Udaipur municipality, which is now the municipal corporation of Udaipur, opens the doors of opportunities to the business organizations all over the globe to invest in the city. Increased business projects in Udaipur can cause wider scale development in the city, which can offer more job opportunities to the residents in the city and the people live in the neighboring villages.

Progression of villages

The Udaipur municipal corporation controls the administration and development projects in the villages situated close to the urban areas of Udaipur.

Better education system

Udaipur municipal corporation is trying to create more professionally qualified people in the city for the faster development of the city.

The Urban Improvement Trust (U.I.T.) Udaipur

Administration in Udaipur

The Urban Improvement Trust (U.I.T.) in Udaipur is an important organization working for the economic developments and improvement of basic facilities in Udaipur. There are different branches working within this organization for the effective management of the activities of Urban Improvement Trust in Udaipur. Accounts branch, Sales Branch, Urban Customs Branch, HUDCO branch, Regulation Branch, land conversion and Land accession branch, Law Branch, Plan and drawing branch, Engineering and Technology Branch, Store Branch, and Installation Branch are the major branches of the Udaipur Urban Improvement Trust.

Government Offices in Udaipur

Different government offices, which come under the control of the Municipal Corporation, state government, and central government, are working in Udaipur to make the administration of the city smoother. Some of the important government offices operating in the city of Udaipur are listed below:

The Department of Mines and Geology (DMG)

Rajasthan state's Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) working in Udaipur as its headquarters, which is one of the best organized DMGs in India. There are 79 Geo-scientists, 61 Mining Engineers and 7 chemical Scientists working in this department. They have numerous Ceramic, Chemical, and Ore Dressing laboratories in the state of Rajasthan.
  • Address: Department of Mines & Geology, Shastri Circle, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan
  • Phone number: 2413346, 2415091(201)

Rajasthan Agriculture Department office Udaipur

The agricultural department of Rajasthan has a branch office in Surajpole in Udaipur. The office work to provide assistance and guidance in the agricultural needs of Udaipur.
  • Address: 27, 28 trade center bus stand road Surajpole Udaipur
  • Phone number: 9414166585

The Excise department office in Udaipur

The Excise department is one of the largest tax revenue earning departments in the country and the branch office of the Excise department in Udaipur controls the manufacturing, sales, possession, transporting, importing, and exporting of alcoholic products and intoxicating drugs in the city. The office also has the responsibility to collect the revenue from liquor related businesses in Udaipur.
  • Address: sector 11, Central Excise and Customs, Ahmedabad Road, Udaipur

Police Department Udaipur

The police department in Udaipur work to maintain the law and order in the city. The Udaipur police department is an important part of the Rajasthan state police department formed in the year of 1951. The police stations situated at different sides of the city works on a 24*7 hour time basis to ensure a safe and peaceful atmosphere in Udaipur. The activities of Udaipur police department to reduce the crime rate in the city can also be considered one of the reasons behind the arrival of a large no. of tourists to the city every year. Important contact information of the Udaipur Police Department  enlisted below:

Superintendent of Police
Office Phone: 2942413949
Res: 2942431721   
Fax: 2942415133
Mob: 9530434900
Email:[email protected]   

Police Control Room: 100
Traffic Police: 1095
Women & Sr. Citizens: 1090
Children: 1098
Fire Brigade: 101
Ambulance: 102
Emergency Services: 108
Help for SC/ST ( Toll Free): 18001806025

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The lake city of India, Udaipur can be considered as one of the well administrated cities in Rajasthan. The initiatives of the Municipal Corporation and related departments in Udaipur provide a comfortable atmosphere to live in the city for the tourists and residents of Udaipur. The regular maintenance of the transport facilities and garbage management makes the city a favorite of the travelers.
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