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Roadside Eateries in City of Palaces Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the hottest celebrity wedding destination in the country and is well known for its gorgeous palaces and forts. Once in Udaipur you will be bowled over by its sheer aristocracy and cornucopia of color and glamour. The city has its share of exclusive restaurants and fine dining spaces but the real gastronomical treasure of Udaipur lies in its street food. Mouth watering delicious and surprisingly affordable (Udaipur is an expensive city) these out of the way yet popular food joints will leave you drooling.

Sai Baba Nashta Center in Udaipur
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Sai Baba Nashta Center

Sai Baba Nashta Center near Gulab Bagh in Udaipur is the place to go if you want to give a robust start to your day. Pokharna Ji who is the owner of this extremely popular stall has been in the Parantha making business for more than 17 years. The Paranthas made of Aloo/ Gobhi and Muli fly off fast as soon as the stall opens at 8 a.m. The Paranthas are topped with extra large scoops of butter and mango pickle. If you want more then opt for a side dish of piping hot dal or creamy yoghurt. Finish off with a tall glass of buttermilk. 2 fluffy Paranthas come for just Rs 30. What more could you ask for?

American Bhutta

All the locals know about the American Bhuta stall which is right there at the Bank Tiraha in Bapu Bazaar. From the last 10 years Mr Shankar has been selling fresh corn and various other corn preparations from 11 AM to 9 PM. Only fresh corn (unlike frozen corn used in malls) and Amul butter is used in the preparation as according to Mr Shankar ‘health is a priority”.

American Bhutta Stall in Udaipur

Gorge in to corn chaat and cheese corn at this stall and get hooked.

Bhole Nath Nashta Center

Ask any local Udaipur citizen and you will be guided to the Bhole Nath Nashta Center in the Sukhadia Circle. This center has been running for the last 20 years and  Bheru Nath (the owner) says that Poha has been their hottest selling items. A plate of hot Poha sprinkled over with sprigs of mint, fried ground nut, sev and lemon wedges is a fulfilling healthy breakfast/ snack dish. All the Poha generally sells off by 1 p.m so you better target reaching early. A plate of yummy Poha comes for just Rs 20.

Bohra Ghanpati Mishtan

Samosa is probably on the favorite list of every local food fan in the Northern part of India. Chunni Bai of Bohra Ghanpati Mishtan has a specially flavored samosa masala recipe which she stuffs into the samosas. She has been doing this since the last 18 years according to Kanhiya Lal who is the owner of the stall. The best thing about this shop is that anytime you visit you are sure to get piping hot samosas with special tangy chutney. The shop is open all day long and you will find it on Ayad road near Thokar Chauraha.

Pandit Ji Bread Pakora Stall

Almost every person in Udaipur has tasted the bread pakora from Pandit Ji’s stall. Fluffy slices of bread are stuffed with delicious mashed potatoes, fried onions and flavorful spices and deep fried with the jovial cook chatting with visitors and explaining the whole process of making this snack. This tiny little stall at Fatehsagar is always filled with lots of visitors and whenever you visit you are sure to get piping hot bread pakora with hot and sweet chutney.

Kachori at Lala Mishtan Bhandar

Kachoris stuffed with lentils and sweet and sour spices are found at many street shops in Udaipur but the fare at Shri Lala Mishtan beats them all. The shop has been running for the last 15 years  and the crispy puffed kachoris has been delighting visitors of all ages and ethnicity. Such is the popularity of the Kachoris at this shop that the entire stock sells out by 5 p.m. taste the delicious hot kachori with tamarind chutney. Stroll in to the area near Ansal Mandir to locate the small stall selling Udaipur’s best kachoris.

Egg Bhurji at Jai Kumar’s Stall

Walk in to the area around Chetak Cinema near Chetak Circle and you can spot Jai Kumar’s small stall. Usually the stall is surrounded by lots of people at all hours of the day. Jai Kumar the owner gives standard egg bhurji a fantastic twist by making it with boiled eggs. Not only is the dish less oily than standard egg bhurji but it tastes fantastic as well. Many egg vendors nearby now try to replicate this dish but none are as delicious as the fare served at this stall. A couple of slices of bread with the boiled egg bhurji is a nice substitute for breakfast or lunch.

Alu Vada at Mohan Singh’s Stall

Vada Pav’s yummier cousin the Alu Vada is served in its most delicious avatar at the small stall of Mohan Singh near the Bharat Lok Kala Temple. The super delicious taste of the Alu Vada is due to the optimum amount of spices and special herbs added to the filling. The famous salted and blanched green mirchi and spicy chutney accompanies the Vada Pav but the best way to wash down this sinful delight is by having it with a tall glass of cold buttermilk.

Alu Vada at Mohan Singh’s Stall in Udaipur

Ask any local Udaipurian about the best Rajasthani Vada Pav and you will be pointed towards Mohan Singh’s stall.

Garam Jalebi at Bhole Mishthan Bhandar

Udaipur’s best Jalebi is found in Bhole Mishthan Bhandar which is a tiny shop located opposite Delhi gate Police Chowki. Have a bite of the sinful sweetness at Mishthan Bhandar and you are sure to come back craving for more. The shop opens at 7.00 am and you will see localites and tourists surrounding it like bees by an hour or so. Usually the first stock sells off by 8.30 am such is its popularity. For delicious jalebis fried in pure vanaspati ghee make a beeline for this shop.

Shankar Madrasi Dosa Center

Talking about local delicacies, it is extremely rare to find a south Indian stall in Udaipur. However Mr. Shivlal who is now manning the Shankar Madrasi Dosa center says that this is his “family business”. The dosas are amazingly delicious and very cheap. You can eat up a wholesome masala dosa at just Rs 30 and two pieces of Idli for only 20 Rs.

Shankar Madrasi Dosa Center in Udaipur

The best thing about this stall is its onus on hygiene and Shivlal Ji is very particular about cleanliness.

Bombay Pav Bhaji

About 100 feet away in the University Tiraha Road you can find the Bombay Paav Bhaji stall run by Mr Nathulal. The plain and the butter Paav Bhaji are the most popular items on the menu though you can enjoy other delicacies like Dabeli, Kashmiri Pulao and Matar Pulao there. All the items in the stall cost between Rs 30 to Rs 60 so you can basically eat up the whole menu while you are there.

Sanwariya Chaat Center

A list of Udaipur’s street food can never be complete without the ubiquitous and uniformly delicious chaat. Target the Sanwariya Chaat Center which is opposite the TRI office in Ashok Nagar Road and gorge in to sweet and spicy chaat of the place. The stall is jam packed right from 5 p.m when it opens.

Sanwariya Chaat Center in Udaipur

The most popular items sold here are paani puri made from semolina, aloo tikki made in ghee, dahi puri and papri chaat. Mr Sahu has brought the recipes of his famous chaat right from Gangapur where he belongs.

Shree Bhawani Chinese Center

This is by large one of the best places in Udaipur to gorge on desi Chinese food. The small stall owned by Nirbhay Singh sells around 17 to 20 types of Chinese items and it has been doing hot business since the last 10 years of its establishment in RMV School Gulabo Bagh Road. Find Manchurian chilly, paneer shezwan and hot and sour soup here at unbelievable prices between Rs 15 to Rs 45.

Bhairunath Tea Stall

After all this eating you would need a hot cup of chai to round off your meal. Go straight to Sukhadia Circle where the Bhairunath Tea Stall has been doing business for the last 10 years. The elaichi and cardamom spiced sweet tea is sure to lift up your mood. A pot of tea is only Rs 5 and for many localites a sip at Bhairunath is a daily part of their routine.

So the next time you visit Udaipur you know which places to target any time you feel hungry at breaks between palace hopping and shopping.

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