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Culture of Udaipur

Udaipur is a very beautiful place and famous for its name associated with various Rajputs. If you are planning a tour to Udaipur, it is very necessary to know about its culture, tradition and customs. Generally people of Udaipur adapt all the new fashion and trend that is going on in other metropolitan cities but there are some tradition and culture that would be new for anyone who is going to Udaipur.


Cultural Heritage of Udaipur

Udaipur is a tourist place and receives a huge amount of tourist from all over the world.
  • The city is famous for its Bhil tribe so you can see many people dressed in the Rajasthani style with heavy silver jewellery.
  • There are so many cultural festivals and fairs are going on always that depicts prosperity of Udaipur. Udaipur is highly dominated by Jainism and Vaishnavism that is why the favourite food of all the Rajasthani people is vegetarian. People of Udaipur are very friendly.
  • Ghagra choli is the traditional outfit of the Rajasthani women, and Kurta dhoti is the traditional attire of the men’s outfit. People of Udaipur usually like to wear bright colours. Their outfits are very eye catching and traditional.

Culture of UdaipurLanguages Spoken in Udaipur

Mewari is the language of Udaipur, but Hindi and English is also common now-a-days. The main religion of the people of Udaipur is Jainism. In addition to Jainism, there are other religions also like Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

The scenic view of the city is very beautiful that’s why many Bollywood, as well as Hollywood movie shoot there. Udaipur is famous for its culture, custom and tradition. This is one of the favourite tourist places in India for many people.

People of Udaipur

People of Udaipur are very friendly in nature and always welcome their tourists in a very pleasant manner. They are very talented; all the women know how to make handicrafts, beautiful dresses and all the traditional things and attire. Almost all the men of Udaipur know their dance forms. They dance quite well. All the people of Udaipur know various styles of games like ropes games. Most people of Udaipur belong to Hinduism, and they worship God Ganesh, God Krishna and all the other Gods of Hindu. The attires of people are of vibrant colour that shows the incredibility of the Udaipur’s culture.

Attires in UdaipurCulture of Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for its attire because the attire is so vibrant in colour and looks traditional always. Along with the beautiful scenic view of Udaipur, the attires and outfits of the people of Udaipur also makes the tourists and all the other people speechless. The attires for ladies are ghagra choli and for men’s is kurta dhoti. Usually, people prefer these attires. People like to wear vibrant and bright colours that make them look beautiful. The attire worn by people in this area has some embroidery and beads also that is called Rajasthani style. It is famous in other parts of the country also.

Traditions of Udaipur

  • Folk dance is the most famous and interesting tradition of the Udaipur. Basically, this desert region is famous for its vibrant folk forms. There are various regions in Rajasthan and all has its own folk dance style.
  • People of Udaipur welcome their guest with its folk form dance style that is very impressive and incredible. These folk dances are also performed on the special occasions like wedding etc.
  • There are many dance forms like Ghoomar, Kalbeliyan dance, Chari dance, Bhavai dance etc. Udaipur, the city of lakes is famous for its traditional heritage.
  • There is a tradition in Udaipur to paint the walls of houses that depict some mythological tales of the past centuries.

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